Radenso Pro M Review – An Extreme Long-Range Radar Detector

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Windshield radars are getting more expensive nowadays, so you have to make sure that you will get something worth its price. But how will you know if it works perfectly until you buy it, right? Do not fret since we will review a specific car radar to avoid making a big mistake or huge waste of money again.

We will look at Radenso Pro M as it claims to have such an extreme range that it can go farther than the leading brand. For those familiar with using such a device, you know that range is an important thing. It could be the determining factor of whether you get pulled over by a police car or if you have time to slow down.

Another thing to note about the range is that it makes a huge difference, especially if you drive in a mountainous region or an off-axis direction. Car radars that are not of high quality will not detect any speed radars in this case. Hence, if the Radenso Pro M Radar is as good as it markets itself to be, that should not be a problem.

Let us find out if it is truly the best in that aspect.

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The Radenso Pro M Radar has a sleek squoval design with three buttons at the top. Each button has a dual purpose. Other than that, it has a simple display screen that is colored, and it boasts about its extreme range detection brought about by MultaRadar Detection (MRCD, MRCT) and Laser Detection systems.

Key Features

  • Has GPS lockouts
  • Autolearn technology
  • Amber-colored OLED screen
  • Has a one-year ticket free guarantee
  • Auto-muting mode for low-speed GPS
  • Alerts for red lights and speed cameras
  • Voice alerts which have 260 message variants
  • Three display modes: Smart Dark, Dim, Bright
  • It comes with free updates for the camera database and firmware
  • Filter for blind-spot monitor and traffic sensor rejection false alerts
  • It comes with a case, two suction cup mounts, cigarette charger cable, user manual, and USB cable

Notable Highlights

  • Works quietly
  • Prompt alerts
  • Great customer service
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy on the eyes display
  • Good quality accessories
  • It has a very powerful range
  • Can operate independently
  • No need to set indicator points
  • False filtering system works perfectly
  • Adjustable settings are easy to manipulate
  • Has high stealth against radar detector detectors like VG2 and Spectre Elite

Minor Drawbacks

  • Faulty AutoCity mode
  • Detects K signals from other cars
  • Default settings are too technical


The Radenso Pro M Radar is a sleek, lightweight, and stylish product that you can easily install in your car. It has a display screen that can be easily read even in the dark. Additionally, it has customizable settings.

It prides itself on having the farthest range in detecting speed radars. But, at the same time, its excellence in the range is measured by the distance and depth as it can perform great even if there are mountains or other big formations. Further, its filtering system is great to the extent that it will not annoy the hell out of you as your alerts will be refined.

More than that, it has an auto-learn technology that will take note of your previously pressed indicator and other filtered signal alerts. Regarding the filter system that we mentioned before, do consider that this product cannot effectively filter out K signals from other cars, no matter how often you customize the settings. Lastly, your purchase will also include all accessories needed to mount this to the windshield and charge it.


The Radenso Pro M is truly the best in terms of range. It can support you on mountainous drives or even the busiest of cities. Moreover, its powerful detecting technology will really put you at ease in terms of monitoring your speed. At the same time, you will not go through the hassle of mapping out certain indicators.

Although it delivers well in range, the fact that its powerful filter system cannot filter out KA signals is a cause for concern because it means that it is a programming issue. Probably, for the next model, the company can improve on that. But, other than that, you really will not encounter other major problems.

When you purchase this, do remember that you should not abuse its use. Even though it is tempting to speed off on the highway, follow traffic rules and exercise caution while driving.

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Radenso Pro M

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