Have a Lead Foot? These Radar Detector Apps Will Be Your Best Friend!

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Drivers pay as much as 7.5 billion dollars in traffic fines every year. That number doesn’t even include parking tickets.

Every time you start your engine, you run the risk of contributing to that total.

There are an estimated 25 – 50 million traffic tickets written each year. Which violation is most common? You guessed it.

The most frequent reason is speeding.

Want to protect yourself from becoming a speeding ticket statistic? We’ve got a few radar detector apps for you.

Be Smart

First, slow down. Just because there are tools to help you avoid speed traps, it doesn’t mean you should be weaving through traffic 15+ mph above the limit.

Overly aggressive driving and racing can have heartbreaking results. There’s a difference between having a heavy foot and a dense brain.

Nowadays, there are tools to help you avoid unnecessary and costly tickets. Many are available for free or at very low costs right there on your Android or iOS device.

Let’s take a quick look at apps like:

  • Waze
  • Cobra iRadar
  • Glob – GPS, Traffic, Radar & Speed Limits

Radar Detector Apps That Can Save You Time And Money

1. Waze

Available for: Android and iOS

Cost: Free


  • Live user-reported traffic conditions
  • Accident locations
  • Construction and road closures
  • Offers quality rerouting options
  • Traffic jam timer
  • User-reported police locations
  • Spotify integration

How Does it Help?

Waze, owned by Google, isn’t marketed as a radar detector. But it’s widely used as a warning system for stationary speed traps.

Waze offers a robust set of traffic avoidance tools. It relies on real-time crowd-sourced data entered by its 65-million active monthly users. Data can include the location of fixed speed and red-light cameras and police speed traps.

The Pros:

Sometimes, taking the correct route is a far better option than speeding. Waze helps you to avoid jams, construction, and accidents by offering quicker routes.

Users receive real-time alerts by entering their route ahead of time. Entering your route isn’t necessary, but the app works better when you do.

There’s good news for Apple CarPlay users. iOS12, set for release in fall 2018, will support Waze and Google Maps. Currently, your only option is Apple Maps which is… meh.

The Cons:

You can manipulate crowd-sourced data. There are rumors that officers use the app to unmark their location, leaving you vulnerable to detection. Sneaky, sneaky.

While you can expect accuracy concerning fixed cameras, you will find some false alarms. Using Waze doesn’t eliminate the need for vigilance.

The Verdict:

If you’re looking for ways to avoid spending some serious cash on an effective radar detector, then Waze isn’t a complete solution. It is, however, helpful addition to your traveling toolbox.

Waze provides time and trouble-saving alerts through an easy-to-use interface. It can’t hurt to have a free police tracking app that gets you where you need to go.

2. Cobra iRadar

Available for: Android and iOS

Cost: Free with in-app purchases


  • Provides visual alerts from your iRadar Detector to your screen
  • Accepts and sends real-time alerts for police locations, red light and speed cameras, and other traffic incidents
  • It contains a completely verified database of red light cameras
  • Offers navigation and traffic updates

How Does it Help?

Use the Cobra iRadar app as a stand-alone service. For better protection, pair it with a compatible Cobra iRadar detector.

Cobra iRadar combines crowd-sourced alerts with comprehensive red light databases.

When used with a compatible detector, your device serves as an interactive interface. It alerts you to nearby radar or laser emissions while also providing community alerts.

The Pros:

Cobra’s iRadar is ad-free. That’s always a plus.

The app integrates itself with your device. With access to your calendar and address book, it becomes easier to access directions and traffic information.

Crowd-sourced alerts help to identify officers who aren’t actively using their radar. When using a detector alone, you’re in trouble if you’re the first one pinged. If your detector starts beeping, it’s likely already too late.

The Cons:

As with any crowd-sourced speed trap alert app, false alarms happen.

Some users feel the interface is a little clunky, and the maps are somewhat simplistic.

The Verdict:

Cobra’s iRadar is a top-quality, effective tool for getting you where you need to go quickly and safely. As a standalone tool, it provides useful real-time information and alerts.

When linked with a Cobra detector, you will feel confident that you’ll find no surprises ahead.

3. Glob – GPS, Traffic, Radar & Speed Limits

Available for: Android and iOS

Cost: Free


  • Simple interface for ease of use
  • Real-time crowd-source and database alerts
  • Detects mobile and fixed speed cameras
  • Free and premium memberships available
  • 2-D and 3-D maps
  • Offers modes for the colorblind and bikers
  • Monthly updates for newly installed speed cameras

How Does It Help?

Let us start by clearing up any possible distrust. We are in no way affiliated with any of these apps. We gain nothing by posting our opinion here.

Glob’s GPS, Traffic, Radar & Speed Limits (GTRS) is a clear winner.

One of its best features is its ability to run in the background. The app will still send audible notifications when there is an alert.

It’ll also continue to collect driving conditions when running in the background. It’s getting traffic data from any of its three million users, whether their app is in the forefront or not.


Like the Cobra iRadar, Glob’s GTRS has a comprehensive database of mobile and fixed-speed cameras. They’re updated monthly.

This app offers crowd-sourced traffic alerts for accidents, jams, and speed traps. It even provides automatic rerouting when real-time traffic conditions call for it.


It doesn’t have anywhere near the number of users that Waze boasts yet.

The Verdict:

An excellent app for anyone wanting comprehensive crowd-sourced and database alerts.

What Fits Your Needs?

It comes down to your personal situation. If you’re a crazy-fast driver, then spend the money on top-notch equipment and radar detector apps – or just slow down.

Before you buy, be sure to know the laws in your state.

For everyone else, there’s plenty of value in some of these low-cost and free app services.

Have any suggestions? Leave a comment below!

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