Escort Passport S75 Radar Detector Review

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Speeding violation. That is one of the most common traffic violations motorists get in any part of the globe. Thankfully, through the innovations of numerous manufacturers, there are a lot of ways for drivers to avoid getting speeding tickets. They need to have the patience to look for a good radar detector.

This electronic device is beneficial for drivers because they are given information about the speed limit allowed in the area where they’re at. They will also know if a police officer is monitoring their speed with a radar gun. With this information on hand, they can avoid being caught and getting into road accidents.

We’ve scoured the internet and found one radar detector that we loved. Today, we are going to share with you exactly why we think that the Escort Radar Detector is a good buy.

Escort Passport S75 Radar Detector

Escort Inc. is a company under the wings of Cedar Electronics Holdings Corp. It was founded in 1978 with headquarters in West Chester, Ohio. Their manufacturing facility is based in Canada. They design, sell and manufacture automotive accessories and radar/laser detectors in North America.

This company also offers custom-installed detectors, detection systems, radar detection apps, mounting accessories, convenience kits, and more. These products are sold through car dealers, car audio specialists, and online.

Escort Inc. is continuously developing innovative technology for its product users to have a safe and excellent driving experience. One of their proud creations is the Escort Passport S75 Radar Detector.

Escort Passport S75 Radar Detector with GPS with Auto Lock

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  • Comparable to the 9500ix! AUTHORIZED ESCORT RADAR USA DEALER
  • Passport S75 with GPS with Auto Lock
  • FEATURES All-band protection with x-band, K-band, SuperWide Ka-band, and "POP" mode | Multiple high-performance laser sensors for superior protection | Comes pre-loaded with thousands of safety camera locations | Ability to add your own hot spots
  • ADDITIONAL FEATURES: Web ready with easy updates online | High-resolution brilliant red display | AutoSensitivity Mode based on your vehicles speed | AutoLearn Intelligence
  • INCLUDED IN THE BOX: PASSPORT S75 | Quick-release Windshield Mount | Coiled SmartCord | Quick Reference Guide | Travel Case | One Year Escort Warranty


With every purchase of this product, you get the radar detector, a windshield mount, a smart cord, product manual, travel case, plus a one-year warranty from Escort.

  • All-Band Protection

This product can detect all kinds of band signals, whether it’s the conventional one or the more advanced kind. It has excellent laser sensors that can deliver the most reliable laser warning so that you can respond quickly.

  • Variable-Speed Radar Performance

This radar detector features an auto sensitivity mode, which changes the radar’s level of sensitivity based on the vehicle’s speed.

  • Safety Camera Location Info

This radar detector is preloaded with specific locations of safety cameras throughout North America. The information includes areas where there are speed cameras and red lights.

Aside from those, you can also input additional hotspot locations of your own, and the radar detector will give you a unique alert for those locations.

  • Web Ready

The radar detector’s operating software and safety camera information can be updated regularly through the internet.

  • High-Resolution Display

This device is equipped with a bright red display so that you can easily see the data for alerts and your preferences.

  • AutoLearn Intelligence

AutoLearn Intelligence is Escort’s innovation wherein they use artificial intelligence to remember the exact frequency and location of a radar signal. It then checks if it’s a real or false alarm.

  • User-Selectable Preference

This radar detector is automatic and can be used immediately. However, users can also alter the settings based on their preferences. This results in a unique driving experience.

  • Brightness Control

This model offers five different brightness levels, including the Full Dark mode, which you use if you are on discreet driving.


  • Fewer false alarms
  • Info on the red light and speed camera locations
  • Can save own hotspot locations
  • Easy-to-read bright display
  • Loud and clear alarm tone


  • Not for use in other countries
  • The cord is not long enough
  • It does not have Bluetooth


This radar detector can give you varying band protection. It provides maximum laser warning with multiple laser sensors and is loaded with information about red light and speed camera locations within North America.

The radar detector’s software and preloaded information can be updated regularly. Reading the display is very easy because it’s in high resolution. The radar sensitivity also changes with the vehicle’s speed.

Equipped with AutoLearn Intelligence, it automatically remembers a signal and determines if it’s real or not, and then saves it for future use. Users of this radar detector can either use it as it is or customize the settings according to their preference.

Lastly, it also offers different brightness levels, which you can adjust to your liking depending on your driving mode.

Comparison with a Similar Product

Let us try to compare this radar detector with a different model manufactured by the same company. We will try to check its key features and its price to determine which is the better choice. We will be checking out the  8500X50 model.

This model is ready for use, but you can personalize the settings as you wish. The package includes a travel case, windshield mount, SmartCord, owner’s manual, and a quick reference card.

Escort Passport 8500X50 Black Radar Detector

Escort Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector – Extended Long Range, AutoMute, AutoSensitivity, Audible Alerts, Adjustable LED Display, Signal Strength Meter, Grey, 1.25"X2.85"X5.32"

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  • Stay Informed - During an alert the 8500X50 displays all the information you need to make the best possible decision Vehicle Speed Laser Band and Signal Strength are displayed to keep you informed of your surroundings
  • AutoSensitivity – Based on speed route and more this Passport detector continuously analyzes incoming signals and adjusts the sensitivity automatically while in the city or on the highway to eliminate false alerts
  • Clear Audible Alerts - Allows hands free operation and crystal-clear communication Based on signal strength alerts will sound and occur faster as the signal strengthens allowing you to keep your eyes on the road without distractions
  • Ultra Fast Protection - The Passport 8500 X50 warns you of all radar bands including conventional and instant-on X band K band and Superwide Ka band and POP Get the alerts faster with this escort radar detector and have more time to react
  • Everything You Need - The 8500X50 Escort radar detector comes with a convenient travel case for wherever the road takes you a SmartCord for power and an Escort Radar Detector Windshield Mount for easy installation

This model is also known as the X50 Black. This is an improved model from its predecessor, the Passport 8500. It has a new look with a fitted travel case and a smart power cord. It can also detect all kinds of police radar using its improved detection range.

This radar detector is equipped with TSR or Traffic Rejection Sensor, which removes false alarms received from invalid sources. It also has DSP or Digital Signal Processing, which is responsible for providing a maximum detection range.

This device features an Auto Sensitivity mode and multiple laser sensors similar to the S75 model. This model only has three control levels when it comes to brightness, whereas the previous model has five control modes.

Same with the first model we checked, this radar detector has a clear, bright display for easy information reading. There’s a Mute and AutoMute feature that automatically reduces the volume level, especially for long radar episodes.


The S75 radar detector is pricier than the 8500X50 model, but there are features in the first one that you cannot find on the latter. Both can detect different kinds of band signals and has preloaded information about speed camera and red light locations. They are also equipped with the AutoSensitivity features. The settings can also be customized.

There was no mention of the 8500X50 software and the loaded information if it can be updated online, unlike the S75. Although, it does not have the AutoLearn Intelligence feature. The brightness control for the first product has five levels compared to the three of the second one.

Now that we have checked both Escort products, you have clearer information on both items. Which of those two radar detectors would you choose? If you ask us, we’d rather go with the five brightness levels of the S75 radar detector.

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