Cobra RAD 350 Radar Detector Review

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It seems that everything these days is done electronically and instantly. There are different kinds of electronic products in the market for whatever aspect you need them for. Take, for instance, radar detectors.

A radar detector is an electronic device that most drivers use to know if their speed is being monitored by law enforcers using a radar gun. The motorists’ challenge, then, is to find the best radar detector that suits their needs.

Finding the right product is essential for the driver to avoid getting speeding tickets and encountering accidents on the road. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at a radar detector under the company Cobra Electronics. We will see if this specific radar detector model is the right one for you.

Cobra RAD 350 Radar Detector

For more than 50 years, Cobra Electronics Company has been providing innovative communication and navigation products to satisfied drivers. It has its main headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Since its expansion, this company has also built international offices in Hongkong and Dublin, Ireland.

Cobra Electronics’ first-ever proud creation was the Citizen’s Band Radio or two-way radio. Today, they also market GPS devices for trucks equipped with truck-friendly routes and traffic updates. Another awesome creation is the Cobra RAD 350 Radar Detector.


With the company’s vast array of products specifically designed to help drivers, you can be sure of safe and stress-free travels. This product is just one of many from the Cobra Electronics company. So, what does it offer?

  • Radar/Laser Protection

This feature allows the device to detect all kinds of signals, including laser, radar, and VG-2. There is also a signal strength indicator to determine the distance of the one scanning your speed.

  • Instant-On Ready

As its name suggests, this feature is added to the device to detect radar guns in an instant. This means that you will be alerted quickly of any radar guns in the vicinity.

  • Laser Eye Detector

With this advanced laser-detecting feature, this device can detect police scanning in front and behind you. This ensures that no scanner will get past your device and surprise you.

  • IVT Feature

In-Vehicle Technology (IVT) is an original technology from Cobra Electronics that reduces wrong alerts from invalid sources. What this does is lessen or eliminate incorrect readings.

  • Seven-Segment Color Display

With this, you will only see a high-quality display with precise band icons and numeric signal strength. In turn, you will have a clear view of the information being displayed in any light setting.

  • Audible Signal Strength Levels

There will be different tones for each signal strength and band identification. This is for you to identify the kind of alert you receive without taking your eyes off the road.

  • One Year Limited Warranty

This product comes with a one-year limited warranty if purchased from approved sellers.

  • Package Inclusions

You can easily use this radar detector with its car mount and power adapter, which fits perfectly into your car’s lighter outlet.

Be sure to check the little booklet provided to make sure that you can use this electronic device in your location. As of today, the states of Virginia and Washington, DC consider using radar and laser detectors illegal.


  • Reduces false alerts via IVT technology
  • Detects all kinds of radar signals
  • Unique tones for easier signal strength and band identification
  • It has a bright display
  • Numeric signal strength meter
  • Includes a power cord that can be attached to the car’s lighter outlet


  • Does not take voice command
  • It does not have an earphone jack

Summary of the Features

This device is one of the most effective radar detectors from the well-established company Cobra Electronics. It can detect all kinds of signals and provides a two-mile range detection (except for hills and curves), which can give you ample time to adjust your speed.

With the radar detector’s high-quality display, there is no problem viewing the information at whatever time of day it is. It also has a numeric meter for its signal strength so that you get accurate information right away and avoid speeding tickets.

This radar detector has voice alerts and uses different tones for different band identifications and signal strengths. You can confidently keep your eyes on the road while driving and still be alerted to what’s ahead of you. That way, you can lessen road accidents.

Comparison with a Similar Product

Since Cobra Electronics has been providing us with their different innovations, we will also be checking another radar detector model. We will compare their features and product specifications to know which is the better choice.

Below, we want to see what the Cobra RAD 450 can offer that the RAD 350 can’t.

Cobra RAD 450 Radar Detector

The RAD 450 uses the same advanced technology from Cobra called IVT or In-Vehicle Technology. As mentioned above, this technology will lessen the wrong alerts coming from invalid sources. With this feature, you only hear what needs to be heard.

It also has the same two-mile range in detecting all kinds of signals, ensuring that a police officer is not hiding around the bend or behind a hill. These obstructions can affect the radar’s accuracy.

Signal strength and band identification are indicated in a bright display for easy viewing while keeping you informed of your surroundings. It can also detect radar guns really quickly. It can sense police scanning from either your front or rear end.

This device gives accurate band identification and understandable alerts using digital voice alerts. With this, you can focus on your driving yet still get the information you need. This product is also programmed in Spanish and English for both text and voice alerts.


Cobra Electronics Company has released several RAD models. In this article, we looked at two of these models: the RAD 350 and the RAD 450.

Both offer almost the same features and product specifications, and they only come in black color. The only difference we have found was the voice alert system for RAD 450. With that added feature, there is a noticeable change in the price of the two products.

If you don’t care much about getting voice announcements, then the RAD 350 is a good buy. This device is priced cheaper but works perfectly well as the RAD 450, which is a bit more expensive.

Cobra RAD 350

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Cobra RAD 350 Radar Detector Review
Cobra RAD 350 Radar Detector Review

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