Ahomate Laser Radar Detector Kit Review

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When it comes to driving, you have to make sure to keep yourself safe at all times. This means not only doing everything to avoid accidents and traffic incidents but also being aware of where you are and what violations you could be committing.

As drivers, we can’t all be vigilant all the time. Sometimes, we make mistakes, and we get caught. However, there are also ways that we can avoid these situations.

When it comes to avoiding a speeding violation, what you can do is invest in a good radar detector. This device tells drivers if there is a radar gun nearby. Let us take a close look at the Ahomate Laser Radar Detector Kit and how it can be of use.

Ahomate Laser Radar Detector Kit

The Ahomate Laser Radar Detector Kit is designed to detect any stable and mobile radio speed monitor from as far as 250 to 2,500 meters away. It has an auto-scan feature combined with auto-processing and digital signal to detect these frequencies.

This laser radar detector also has fast sweep circuitry for extra detection range and advanced warning. It uses this sweep to detect radars in 360 degrees. A laser detection feature also scans the front, sides, and rear of the vehicle.

In addition to that, this device also provides warnings for other types of speed traps, including L-Band, X-Band, Ka-Band, and laser-based radar monitors.

With your convenience and safety in mind, this device is also equipped with a voice announcement feature to inform you of any radar monitors that you will be approaching. A digital icon color display with numeric signal strength is also added to the device itself.

The Ahomate Laser Radar Detector Kit comes with a free anti-slip mat. This mat is attached to the surface of the dashboard, and the laser detector is placed on top of it. This will keep it in place regardless of the speed and change of direction of the vehicle.

The device also features a charging cable, which can be connected to a car lighter port for power. It also has a special hand-held button that allows the driver to turn the detector on or off as needed. In this way, it won’t have to be activated until the driver deems it necessary or until he is in an area where he doesn’t know what the speed limit is.

What We Like About It

  • Rechargeable device
  • It comes with a free anti-slip dashboard mat
  • Lightweight and does not take up much space on the dashboard
  • Relatively affordable

What We Don’t Like About It

  • Can have false alerts (other car’s collision radar)
  • Limited detector range
  • Wires and cords can make the dashboard cluttered

Summary of the Features

This laser radar detector kit from Ahomate is designed to provide drivers with enough warnings and alerts to avoid being caught unaware by radar guns and speed traps. This particular device has a great range that can detect all kinds of speed traps on multiple frequencies. It features laser detection in the front of the car, the rear of the car, and even the sides.

The kit also comes with visual and voice audio alerts so that the driver of the vehicle is made aware of any upcoming radar traps in a safe and timely manner. The kit also comes with a charging cord, an anti-slip mat, and a hand-held on/off button.

Comparison with a Similar Radar Detector Kit

In order to help you decide if the Ahomate Laser Radar Detector Kit is the one you’re looking for, we decided to compare it with a similar product—the Cobra Rad 350 Laser Radar Detector.

Similar to the radar detector kit from Ahomate, this device from Cobra is also able to detect all kinds of speed-monitoring devices such as radar guns and speed traps on every frequency. This radar detector is designed with anti-falsing circuitry and in-vehicle technology, which filters alerts from sources like collision-avoidance systems.

The Cobra Rad also has a seven-segment color display screen that provides identification icons for alerts. There are also audible signal strength levels with unique tones so that the driver can keep their eyes on the road yet still be aware if there is a speed radar nearby.

In some ways, the Cobra Rad is a superior product. It has a wider range, and it has a filter to disregard false alerts. However, the laser radar detector kit from Ahomate has better features overall.

For one, its laser detectors scan on all sides, including the front, the back, and the sides of the car. On the other hand, the Cobra Rad only scans the front and the back. Ahomate also features an on/off remote device, which can be easily pressed even while driving. While the Cobra Rad has the same button, they are small buttons found on the device’s body.

Finally, the biggest difference between these two radar detector kits is their price. The Cobra Rad is four times as expensive as the laser radar detector kit from Ahomate. This is significant because both devices essentially provide the same service: radar detection.


The Laser Radar Detector Kit by Ahomate is an affordable solution to keeping you alert and aware of upcoming radar guns and speed traps. What’s great about this is that it has a voice alert system so that you can be alerted of any device without having to take your eyes off of the road.

However, the most impressive feature of this laser radar detector kit is its price. The thing is, it is much more affordable than other radar detectors in the market, and it does the same job of keeping you safe from radar guns and traffic tickets.

For a fraction of the price of a thousand-dollar speeding ticket, you can stay alert and aware while still keeping your eyes on the road and focus on your overall driving. It is an inconspicuous device that helps you be more aware of where you drive and how fast you should be driving.

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